RIE  creative director 

Started her career at DADA CuBiC in Tokyo as a top stylist. In addition to the salon work, she also worked on photo shoots and hair shows, participated in seminars, and taught at  DADA DESIGN ACADEMY.

Received Grand Prix, two Designers Awards and two Journal Awards at Santo-Hai Designer’s Contest.

Received JHA the Best Newcomer of the Year.

2006 - 2008 
Served as a guest judge at Asian Beauty Congress.

Nominated for JHA Japan Hairdresser of the Year.

Moved to New York City. She collaborated with top artists on advertisements, editorials, and music videos. She worked for a wide range of fashion brands from j. Crew, Stella McCartney, Govenchy, to Oscar de la Renta. Her clients also include celebrities like Amber Heard. She was an AVEDA Editorial Artist for AVEDA Collectilns and was in charge of Hair cutting and Styling.

Moved back to Japan.

Founded nui beauty Inc.

Opened a private salon nui.



MASA    total body maintenance

Studies athletic training in United States and became a certified acupuncture practitioner.

After returning to Japan, he ran and managed a franchised osteopathic clinic.

Took a position as a director at the subsidiary of an enterprises pharmaceutical company. He lead the effort on opening osteopathic clinics around the country, and oversaw the education program for the physicians. His vision has always been to create a place that offers treatments based on the needs of every customer, pro or amateur.

Founded reprana Inc.